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Rei:The married woman who doesn't have much experience

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Rei, the housewife who says that she has not had something to do with a man of anyone but my husband after she gets married. Relations of husband and wife of marriage for the 7th year are of a breach from the husband's selfishness which is a mother complex. In such serious housewife's having something to do with a man besides my husband for the first time since marriage! The size and a feel are greedy in a male meat stick different from my husband, and when tension is eased, the first immoral wife's transformation way which gets out of order agonizes itself daringly, and is must-see!

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"Rei and your fair erotic wife. You're your wife who doesn't think that there are few experiences,..." "Whether experience is a little cause seems to be not completely satisfactory, but you'll be experiencing one after another and want you to win eros now it'll be expected from now on.", right? "It's also tasteful to see Ms. Married woman's naive, pretty and nice foolery and shame, oh, it's done." "A married woman is experienced and wants you to meet me as expected that innocence isn't young.". "After an awkward movement experiences and seems really little and is quite pretty."

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