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Seiko Shinozuka.:A widow Sequel.

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Seiko who has had something to do with a man inevitably for debt repayment. A relation with a man also continues after that, and I know to have been sneaked a shot of. The widow who follows the man who tries to take more erotic pictures for reason of the debt inevitably. The disturbing form is revealed and a picture is taken selfishly, and it's extraordinary! "Because only this isn't enough, a picture is taken again." and, it's thrown away and words are left, and....

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"Since making it 45 years old, activity is still possible body and MANKO. More dirty after a long time was disordered, and I wanted to see the lecherous way which went wrong." "Whatever convenience is seen, they're an overweight beautiful body and big breasts of your ordinary wife you can make excited. Play poorness may be also amateur looking, and it's expected that I'd like to pray the recent form." "An explosion was fine for eros. The body is also explosive. It's the chest you'd like to rub away." "A sequel wasn't judas photography. The hole is rather big by the nice body which doesn't seem your 45-year-old wife certainly." "Since making it 45 years old, you're doing quite good body and are a considerable lecher I have been too poor at the first play and have laughed.".

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