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Does it fit?:Maya zero putting resemblance of a mourning dress

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A widow of Maya zero putting resemblance strays from the person's path in loneliness by the mourning dress form. The widow MANKO rolls up hadashuu KE and the hem in the state completely exposed to view for a breast, and who reveals snow-white skin and conceals loneliness. A heavy-hearted slanting face is similar to Maya zero putting in particular! An ambition of the adult who composes from the mourning dress form is beyond the real thing. Please make sure by your eye!

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"They were the size of the areola papillaris, the color and the feeling that the size of the teat is good personally whether it was similar to Maya zero wearing as each person's judgement. So that may MANKO be also seen? Hair is treated! The one Mara's receipt and payment might see well and a countercurrent of medium stock were here with actor's BU and they were also*.. YOSSHA-!!." "You're an attractive lady who has the good mourning dress figure and looks good and make it the feeling all man would like to hold. The shape of OMANKO that you showed it to me under the kimono, pink, gloss and size DO are wonderful OMANKO which would like to wrap whole CHINBO." "There is something wear of a mourning dress arouses. The medium stock using the last table is also good." "If fitting, it isn't imposed, a kimono is your well-matched wife easily. Maya zero comes and it isn't resemblance,..." "When a mourning dress is turned over, you're often showing me rather big PAKKURI and MANKO which opened. I ripen."

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