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Risa:Widow of married woman home HAME-a male drought-

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Half from the married woman home visited this time and Florida where work on a fashion relation is done overseas. Because surprisingly, Mr. reason left of charm... precedes my husband, and the fashion sense which doesn't make the exotic feature feel the age says that I'm a widow, surprise! The widow who raises an erotic pant cry away without interference passes through the widow who rolls up stet and a neighbor so that it's held by a man after a long time and is surplus!

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"I think whether it was a cause of make-up became easier to see than a previous work. There is a place where the age is unknown." "When I see and see, feeling as your wife they seem to like fairly is received. The figure is the favorite type." "Risa and your wife who looks younger than the age. My considerable erotic wife." "Risa is your original wife your room also seems peculiar it was always felt away and it was good.", right?, right? "A pretty, slender and nice actress. I was also excited like the contents."

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