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Rei:I make advances to 1 at which I grumble about a housewife-your washing wife-.

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The housewife and Rei washing at a laundromat. It's questioned an excuse about by Tsuyoshi by a skillful art of conversation. The housewife who does from small talk to an account of a conjugal life at night, and rises, and is asked to a hotel. Excitement is apparent for the married woman's foolery outstanding in the style which agonizes over the nude apron form away.

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"Your wife who seems neat all too soon, from a laundromat, in RABUHO.... Two people are finer for tail RI than 3P...." "Anyway, the best married woman, also, I'm excited to have reality! The person who enters dominance by far. It looks like a work more." "One at which I'm excited because there is an apron, or intervention.... But it was good." "Does the person who doesn't like this child have? It won't collect any more!! Anyway, DL!!" "It's best. It's pretty and a receipt and payment to MANKO can be enjoyed much by all posture, and seems comfortable with ZUPPORI."

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