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Elegant:Woman of Japanese clothes with which tail RI gets wet

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A conspicuous beauty of Japanese clothes and the man who arranged to meet and came to a shrine of place flinch at the ambition remarkably, too. To go to a hotel right away! hadashuu, though you rub the big breasts which stick out of a breast and are breathed, and rolls up the hem, it's various posture, raw HAME! " ENDORESUSHIKOSHIKO" is apparent on a weekend of dreadfulness... and you which will be to the extent an expensive kimono will be also full of indecent soup!

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"Though it was outstanding in a style, I wanted to cast all kimonos off and see complete nudity. It's regrettable." "Your wife who is a beauty. The end is a medium stock finish. But is it minus that a kimono isn't being taken off until the end?, Even if a KA kimono is seen, I'm not excited..." "Mr. elegance who also has appearance by a kimono and is sexy with everything. Medium stock was doing a good body and was also good." "The kimono is vulgar from the front taken off... Only I? When it's taken off half, but they're more disgusting. I was your wife on whom a kimono looks good, so I think a very good work." "The involvement by which your wife and a kimono of beautiful milk are still worn by the beautiful feature was aroused very much. The angle which is about riding wasn't quite satisfactory, but during still wearing it, the stock was good."

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