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Ryoko Takizawa.:A housewife, praise suppression

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"You're a wonderful beautiful person!" and, Ryoko who can't hide bewilderment and delight in a strange male word. The outstanding style of which I can't think as a full-time housewife at all and attractive which can call the net tights seen a little from a skirt nothing. The pick-up teacher who invites such housewife to a hotel by more skilful praises and rolls up YA RI! I pay attention to an ambition of the juku rump which rips into net tights and T - BACK!

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"The one as a 35-year-old married woman is around YARARE around a spear. The girl with wonderful waist. MANKO is also good." "You can be Mr. slender model and enjoy yourself. It isn't namakan, but I'd like last cleaning FERA."

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