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Kyoko Ienaga.:Let your wife buy the underwear I'm now, please! -The pants into which man soup sank-

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I have gone out of the town popular series "Let your wife buy the underwear I'm now, please!" today also persuades your wife who takes the way, and to sell me pants. If I approached when spending money went out if you found a mature woman of the neat system and answered to a questionnaire of inner fashion, you came with a medium car smoothly. Such mature woman is a 39-year-old housewife. A foot and a chest are fingered away unexpectedly while hanging a skillful word by an interview! It goes well, and, a teat is also PE RORI. The charge was added, so you made den MA hit from the top of pants, and I made man soup sink into pants much, and bought! Telling had your the second wife follow to the hotel well easily! Please experiment on your eye after that.

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"The lady who makes sexiness which looks like the past feel. A body also is glamorous and arouses a lust." "Kyoko is somewhat rich in the peculiar atmosphere by the wind looks which destroyed Mayumi Itsuwa there is a state of DADA and. But I'm Ms. mature woman who seems to become somehow.", isn't she? "The beginning might look like mature woman's righteous government, but the moment an actor got away after a last finish, and a camera took her on the bed, everything is in nothing!" "Of your the second wife, a sense is intolerable plumply." "I wanted to see the wife's first dirty. Erotic KU, and, it can be expected. But are you Kyoko? I have a good abdomen, MAN KO seems comfortable."

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