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Funaki mana:Secret of a beautiful mature woman working woman

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Mr. mana who works by marriage for the 3rd year and a business relation. The form that a black suit is worn, long black hair is written and it's separated is the beauty working woman who is energetically surely. All super bodies like Fujiko, countenances, styles and characters are perfect for a style. But the important secret you can't also say to others in such PAFOKUTOUMAN! A staff, the beauty working woman from whom all received an impact! Anyway please see!

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"A working woman and a condition are Mr. model such feeling does-. I'm a beauty and, a style and a complaint or the shape of the milk hang and are also well, a fingered feel begins to feel and is wonderful, it seems good. The medium stock is also cleared perfectly!" "If I'm such lady by elegant feeling, you'd like also to do in every day,-the body temperature is being transmitted. It's wonderful!!" "It's very beautiful by whitening. It's strange why an under is blond." "The best which is Ms. beauty and also has fine teamwork! Free pubic hair won't be to be blond strangely." "A breast is a beauty and also well-shaped and though blond hair is also a monkey fact there, the shape is also beautiful. It's well."

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