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Saeko Shiraishi.:Let your wife buy the underwear I'm now, please! -The permeation pants I yellowed-

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The 2nd shot of a popular series "Let your wife buy the underwear I'm now, please!" Your cute wife who doesn't see as a little past forty at all and flashy wife who isn't also imaginable with a full-time housewife from the appearance are a target. Do you persuade your wife who has a strong guard rather by what kind of trick and get pants?. Do you touch your wife a cut above him than a pick-up teacher how and have them sell me underwear? It's making sure by your own eye! Endurance soup is just seeing wife's flashy ambition in particular, and hangs down, so don't forget Tasch!

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"Saeko, "you'd like IINE MANKO which would like soon to thrust at BAKKOBAKO! How many times come off,-", right? "It was a system of age souo. An anus was also the bottom which seems open. I also wanted you to do an anus." "It wasn't fascinating as a story but hung and was good for the wife's sex of the milk." "Is this time a hotel suddenly? I wanted to judge wife's first SEX from umm, too." "When I say by a taste, I'm your first wife."

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