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Hamazaki agrees.:The married woman date-outdoors exposure date volume-

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The latest edition of that married woman who has most re-appearance requests from a customer! A wife of marriage for the 2nd year and the neat ancestry which lives a calm life asks a stimulus and is bold, the outdoors exposure date! The appearance is the neighborhood where I walk behind the good wife in a Showa early stage who devotes herself to my husband and the man and make up with domesticities perfectly, and the word which is called your wife who is a famous beauty fits well, it isn't cradled. But for a young man, a body, when you can touch, I change suddenly in chionnakao from a gentle expression. The bold erotic behavior which isn't also imaginable from the appearance is fired! Though it's slender, it's apparent for the married woman who dyes snow-white skin transparent like outstanding figure and snowfall red and rolls up a spear by the outdoors and an interior to have an impact on your CHINPO!

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"This is better than a previous work Japanese clothes were also suitable, but clothes are preferred more. That they're clothes, erotic, well, but please be out and make the age which seems good impressed wonderfully. The time blamed from a back is best for this Mr. model! I'm looking forward to reappearance.", isn't it? "It's the best elegant Hamazaki doesn't cradle in neatness one of your wife who became a trigger of Paco mama admission. All outdoors exposure and rape at a place like a woodworking plant make a picture by high Monet clothes. Of course, involvement at a hotel is also an ace. Is blood springing meat the case that what happened to not meeting an excited work recently so much? The one which isn't cradled, I think there are only no re-pitches, how is it.", isn't it? "The exposure is on the second thought good, work doesn't cradle Hamazaki during rest, it was seen, stay here, for your wife, immoral raw HAME, and, say,--" "White skin is very beautiful. It's valuable existence, so a slender married woman hopes for most appearances." "You're neat and are your cute wife the form that voice is suppressed and it's felt feels it's good and is aroused very much. The form which is about riding is beautiful!! Though launch in the last mouth was also a reluctance, it was aroused by the form that it's accepted.".

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