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Mika Sasaki.:Married woman home HAME-a second series and a free man, "Make them do.", GACHI negotiations-

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The fair velvety skin which lives on the 12th floor of the high-rise apartment is dazzling Mika. "The forcing person who would like to see you has not thought whether it rises by dirty talk after photography at home also ended safely without my husband's going home during photography, and 1 actor returned, so far" to the man who negotiates in GACHI, and, Mika who accepts male negotiations. The state a spear is different from photography and by which rolls up one without everything in GACHI a camera look, the angle and acting is impression enough! The combination which is intense as if ordinary men and women purchase a mutual body each other, and I make sure of feeling. Feeling of opening a home, a natural sense and a private sense are filling.

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"This chapter isn't being seen, so I'm surprised for your face to appear at the end! Mr. super-BEPPIN!!! I wanted you to show it to me first! !!" "Look good by a hidden camera, could you do while being not precocious and adjusting the camera location." "It's wife's ordinary monotonous play and moreover, the camera angle, completely, without changes? It was a really boring work." "Wife of the big breasts which are the simple feature and are well-shaped. Photography with a fixed camera can taste feeling of a sneak shot, and is quite exciting. The one with short time which is about riding is regrettable." "This man is enviable! Another work fitted the impression, but this mature woman is beautiful, so it's OK."

Keywords:I animate an amateur, the beautiful seat, a mature woman/a married woman, HAME taking and big breasts originally and am in twenties.

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