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Makoto Tachibana period:Mature woman's playing with fire flying kid attachment-beauty of big breasts on whom a kimono looks good and the outdoors dating-

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As I walk, the beauty of big breasts of 90 centimeter coat who shakes dates SEFURE by a kimono. Mr. actual period when that you have arranged to meet and have come to the place has come an elegant light blue kimono. It's said that it's the way back of lessons today. I have always liked a kimono and have often come. When meeting you at the front, they were everyday clothes, so the kimono form arouses fairly by the first time. Such good-looking wife, it's untended and really wasteful. They're such beautiful Japanese clothes hard, so it's good for nothing by* ordinary Japanese clothes to do a date of Japanese clothes, so one flies to a form of playing with fire including a youthful spirit, and I load KKO and go out! Has not the form that you have some turns and walk been also left any more by remote control operation, and come to light for a walking person while bending a lower back, when I return to a hotel* throbbingly flutteringly, the form that a kimono and a heart are being disordered has person's beautiful breast nakedly, and is must-see. The enormous G cup mature woman who can't express by words is must-see!

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"Bulge of the breast which is also a breast from Japanese clothes. BOIN on the street which thought if it was the nude. Because I have fine teamwork, Good" "The one of a previous work was preferred-, this isn't a bad reason, but also describe where it is, underwear, it's put on,-! Good of the kimono disappears." "Your wife on whom Japanese clothes with a quiet atmosphere look good. It's a large body, but the ambition which can be called nothing is felt. A reaction is also a really excited work." "It'll be NG to put on underwear by a kimono. If a bra is even put, it'll be AKAN. It's regrettable." "It's a question whether it was necessary to be a kimono, but oh is the order by which I think it was medium stock, so it was good."

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