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Eriko Sugimoto.:First anal lecture

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"I also have fine teamwork and they're fair and it's pretty. The place which looks like the amateur who can't think an anus lover is excited." "It's anus loving in fair POTCHARI! Which time is on earth even!? Abnormal Yuu becomes the Hall of Famer in a rank for this,-!!!" "Indeed it feels like for an anus lover. An anus is namakan and a lower back is shaken and the feeling of the bottom is tasted aggressively, and it's better." "When the word which needed an anus's not stopping comes out of the mouth of the lady who seems to seem quiet, it's made ZOKU there is eros and a body and a reaction are GOOD.", isn't it? "I have not done an anus and am not interested so much, when this is being seen, you can sweep up once, and it's bad, it looks like after it's done, and you'd like to request a shank-no-by all means the contents of a work are quite good, but, if it was anyhow, you wanted two actors to make them pick up, it's regrettable, it's expected.", right?

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