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Rui Kimura.:The local mother who works-beauty mama of dressing in kimono-

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An actor, for performer's married woman, GACHI impression! The actor who never usually praises a performer, "A dicey ambition isn't incomplete for this person!", the kimono praised away is your wife who is the beauty who resembles and meets. The beauty mama even if he says a married woman, who manages a club, and is very famous in the neighborhood. I visit before opening at the store such beauty mama manages. 2 men who reprove a mama of the kimono form for a sofa away. The men it'll be a crawling style at a table and a counter, and who raise the hem of a kimono and blame away. Please agonize oneself in the store where no one is here and never overlook the form that the beauty mama who goes wrong is disordered away! I writing the fact that you're embarrassed and a comment am serious, too, and CHINPO has welled up.

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"A very attractive married woman. I'd like the atmosphere such as the local snack bar mamas rather than a club in Ginza. All means and a re-appearance of Mr. rukoromo who became forty are expected." "Ms. mature woman of the warming up who doesn't like Ms. snack bar mama-like mature woman in a hot spring town in the country thinks a kimono seems suitable and isn't suitable." "It has the good figure of Japanese clothes, when there is involvement at a Japanese-style room, not in the store when it's possible, it's best." "Eros comes wonderfully and Mr. plump Oku satisfied with thick sex makes Mr. Rui Kimura two actor partners." "You're a wonderful lecherous mama, an actor 2 person partner has 3 P of impression in the store."

Keywords:During launching a ham and in the yukata kimono, the beautiful seat, the mature woman/married woman, the beautiful leg, the toy, Mr. GO and the mouth, beautiful milk, the best omnibus and a beautiful witch take it out, and are in thirties.

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