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Shizue Toda.:Though I make my husband call, a married woman, while talking with HAME RU-my former husband, namakan-

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Shizue of the one time divorce mature woman who wanders a neat sense. I'm separating, but the thing with which a contact is being sometimes made. I arrive at a hotel, "I'll make the dirty my former husband while calling!", I made the telephone call to my former husband with obedience in a male suggestion, I have not gone out, so at the time I tried to give up or, it has been bought! Your former husband and Shizue who keeps talking can attack MANKO intensely while answering the telephone, and surprisingly, can't be also while serving calmness, sexy. That you can't voice, you're excited, right? After having disconnected the telephone, I think, but I'm twiddled by mama away and roll up YOGARI. When suffering away while being blamed back, the telephone rang again. They look like a colleague this time. A piston is moved in while chattering just as it is, and isn't there BARE on the other side for the manner of the answer which won't be voice? While calling, HAME, can, the one time divorce beauty of rolling is must-see.

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"I'm not also not interested in this series so much,-situation is good, it breaks off in real SA!" "Beautiful wife of a wonderful body. Moreover there is eros! My husband hears voice of the HAME teacher how much is who saying to AHEA that he calls even if he's holding his breath, in FAKKU,-! Because it's different from the old black telephone and performs well. I'm careful, oh, NE which shoulders." "You might be able to enjoy one like a drama a little, but it also smelled of a lie too much and didn't rise too much." "I'm a to say so lover. When it isn't prearranged performances, it's an excited thing, but how is it? Though and I'm Ms. married woman who has an actual daughter (than junior high school student), and makes them call with my daughter, I'd like to see standing voice!" "The telephone with my former husband seemed gentle and was enviable, to the telephone from a colleague, oh, it can be said the time when you tangle, and finished back disorder by the situation that I have to speak practically is best."

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