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Ryoko Ujiie.:The moment of I who glares-miracle the family doesn't know, either-

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I say that a make-up as well as dressing up have not been even done since I get married by husband's bad cause of gain, the married woman who is so corny with "The one left from which country?" that a word becomes painful, professional May Christ transforms herself splendidly. I have received the married woman who couldn't think "YA RITA I she'd like to hold" well. The clothes by which I'm stoop-shouldered, also have the poor posture and wear it only husband's complaint before transforming oneself beautifully, an aunt in the country, bare, when the married woman who couldn't see as a woman changes into dirty underwear and sexy clothes, a man is tempted by the look which even acted as a model. For the DO lecherous woman unexpected with CHINKO after a long time at the front, big transformation! The married woman who has achieved all transformation attract a body's and attention a heart's, please!

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"I don't like the pubic hair shaved up. Why to do shave, understanding impossibility. The feature is regrettable in a pretty one." "I'm this series lover, after this lady puts on her make-up... though moto isn't bad, they're insertion milk and the pubic hair... amateur sense zero removed beautifully! !!" "I don't like a looks! You don't have a poor figure somehow erotic SA which isn't aroused doesn't also feel.", right? "Mr. Ujiie is also a beauty at the photography make-up front it's slender and also suitable for brown hair. The one as launch is regrettable on the stomach. Cleaning FERA wanted you to do.", isn't he? "A wife of a slim good-body. By the pubic hair which left it a little, erotic KU, may, a♪ HAME teacher is the semen let leak or the white liquid which flows from the one which is wife's love soup or between the flyer flyer I swelled plumply is erotic."

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