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Ai Aoyama.:Your first amateur wife, taking document 27 Ai Aoyama.

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In high-income part-time job recruitment, a condition, oh, Ms. beautiful married woman Ai Aoyama who is allured and is rather flashy has come to the interview. The neat system is also good rather quietly, but tension also goes up OBAHAN with experiences. When hearing talk, anyway it's said that they shopped at a spender so that you can't serve by husband's payment. A saving wants you to look back at sexlessness for 10 years with my husband, and is going to thrust at the bottom with the life by which myself do polish and hunt for a luxury brand name product, and it's said that they determined on this appearance.

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"You're Ms. beautiful mature woman of the feature I think I also have quite fine teamwork. The riding was good.", right? "In the look hollow from the moderate atmosphere, and, personally, surprisingly, eros was also bought until lower back pretense, it's pleasant what kind of expression can be seen this time." "Your wife "AHE and AHE... " just made take off pants and said and starved all." "Really, that Ms. Ai Aoyama? You're referring to neither an introduction space nor a comment space, but is it so? It's a HADO strike for a mature woman lover. Let me get into a costume by all means this time, please." "When saying fifties, it'll be a good grandmother the contents are good, but maybe that's regrettable.", won't it?

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