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Sena Sayuri:Four mats and a half and mature woman That 3-a room and MANKO are small, most-.

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If the poor student who lives in the room where four mats and a half were dirty called DERIHERU, that beautiful married woman came! Such, may I be happy? I look so that I may also inflate the lower part of the body and taste the form of your wife around for I can't wait while driveling, and wells up fully while smelling under the waki and sweat! I fingered the form of your hand projection wife who isn't familiar and made on the face extend while hesitating, and it was stuck out with MANKO approaching soon, and it was tasted around so that it might be wrong. Can I have it at the full easy pith where you think of the nonesuch form of the beautiful married woman who had that good reputation?

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"If Ms. so beautiful mature woman comes in DERIHERU, and you do such thing and such thing, it's best." "The one of an animation was preferred to a picture in outside. The place where the small character of the teat blame which is about riding has gone out is excited." "Mr. Sena is a good woman as expected a work be of a uniform thing next time, and intensely, please!", isn't he? "You're a nice lady Miss Sayuri's DERIHERU is best. There is also a scene taken off carefully, and if there is such Miss DERIHERU by stock during life, a finish would like to call.", right? "Sena Sayuri who is the S order mature woman by this site. Were you waiting?! it's best!! I'm looking forward to appearance next time."

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