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Calm:I'll look stealthily at MANKO of my amateur daughter.

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The throat shopping at Metropolitan area certain place overcomes, oh. In the help which has the force, and is shopping, if, you can speak and it's to the inside of a car. It's said to be program photography and is light and is from underwear showing first with "of your underwear, check". I'm invited to director's art of conversation and a word as "the force" and am bold gradually. It's said to be because I'm embarrassed to show in the underwear, conversely, CCD camera, to the inside of underwear, well, expedition. I think that it can't be said if the drunk throat wins the atmosphere, that oh isn't liked, and it's looked stealthily at by CCD camera to the inside in MANKO finally. In the MANKO seen for the first time. The state in which embarrassed can't be hidden indeed.

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"It's probable in an audio visual plan, this is a back thing, so, of course, without mosaics. You can see YOU TSUBE resembling, but when Japanese would like to see, it's in right or wrong." "Be absorbed, it's a fetishism work like a SHINPI work of a female body close-up photography of CCD camera is wonderful by a thing without lies in the title I like him of the gynecology system of the audio visual, is it for people? Vicious doctor and such fellow. After agreeing of course, so it's different, but could you think it's such look by all means for a person excited at the girl from whom the MA○ judges in KO.", isn't it?, isn't it?

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