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SHURI:It's petite at a public restroom\, kou.

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SHURI who knew at a matchmaking site. Last time shows the shy play which is while worrying about a public at certain Ryokuchi-koen. It's petite this time\, kou. kou is the mouth and a hand and petite\ is removed.\ Suke association without performance acts. I enter a public restroom and finger MANKO in SHURI. SHURI who stands desperately by the situation that a cry can't be raised. Next CHINPO is added, and, FERA. You make it comfortable strenuously. Then a broken one or a door can unlock a restroom, and a male person comes in, and CHINPO also shrinks. I'll pull myself together and later, finger a chestnut of SHURI.

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"The situation as the public restroom arouses. Is it an immoralities sense what to call whether you're here and are Tazu and others."

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