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Calm:Self-portrait taking onanism

NyotainoShinpi´╝Ü2010/11/29 Return To Index
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In the restroom in karaoke BOX, self-portrait taking onanism. Calmness which has fine teamwork as a model, oh. A chest is being rubbed and the tension is being heightened by oneself. A chest is rubbed and done while being crispy, and a teat is held. That I put panties into use and see MANKO, that it's sticky, wet. When it's aided in a finger, I have sticky strings with NE BA. A chestnut is rubbed intensely in order to die many times. A man hole is stirred while making KUCHUKUCHU noise including a finger. When a finger is removed, cloudy liquid follows about a finger.

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"Which will see and do woman's onanism freely, and, it's a fact, but the situations are circumstances."

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