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Firewood:CHINPO play

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Firewood with the place which looks like RORI a little grasps CHINPO, and, with a pleasant smile, face. They seem to like standing on hind legs very much. They seem to taste a soft ice cream slowly, and a back quarter is tasted gently. That I twitch, CHINPO which reacts, I stuff my mouth by a smiling face. It's kneaded around by a tongue during the mouth, a noise is made with "JUPOJUPO" and it's tasted slowly. CHINPO stands up all at once quickly in gentle tongue usage! I dab a chest with a shape that it's beautiful with CHINPO which became big and pet a teat. Then it'll be mount suddenly and I begin to give CHINPO between the thigh and rub a chestnut. Chin Nanny Poe is done.

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