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Firewood:The man soup dripped

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I finger in a man in the dim room and am knocked down. Slender firewood of the infant figure. Oh, oh, hair grows dimly around here. A male hand pushes aside the back flyer flyer, and a chestnut is made bare. They feel like hoping that you hit a feeble rotor, and I utter a cry. Clear liquid is spreading out from the inside in a hole gradually. Though I make a body twitch when more chestnuts are stimulated in den MA, I die big. Clear liquid overflows from MAN KO, and even an anus is dripped. When I'll help, I have sticky strings stickily.

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"When NYO says silently, it's a work on the image street as a MANKOFECHI thing. Oh, oh, it isn't crowded, KO which isn't crowded."

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