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The fragrance:At a public restroom, self-portrait taking onanism

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Public restroom in Ryokuchi-koen in the simple residential area. It seems to say the evening and be considerable going in and out of. I sneak into a female bathroom with the camera in one hand there. The self-portrait taking onanism which is struggle during including and being small in the private room. I begin to rub a chestnut from the top of pants. Then a stain rises to pants dimly. I shall turn over pants from the side, but it seems difficult and I begin to stand up, take off pants and irritate a chestnut crunchily directly. A person comes into the place where he irritates a chestnut and nearly dies intensely. Still I don't stay my hand, hold the mouth, subdue my voice, continue the onanism and die. A way, a person comes in many times, but the, a degree, I subdue my voice and continue the onanism. The tone of the urination entered the next private room or vanishes leakage of Kaori's pant voice with JOBOJOBO. After dying several times, I make the whole body twitch and I have died of the last acme big.

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Keywords:An amateur, enthusiast fetishism, the outdoors exposure and onanism.

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