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The fragrance:Please tell me your limit.

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Challenge plan "Please tell me your limit." I begin to negotiate with the married woman in the middle of shopping, and take a picture in the car. You challenge a game after interview lightly. It'll be the underwear form, and the contents of a game have them mince the underwear using the scissors to which it was handed. The remnant cut off is taken on the scale, the number of grams x one thousand yen is a reward. A challenger is married woman Kaori. It'll be underwear and I begin to cut scissors of scissors and the underwear. Embarrassed is forgot because it takes a reward, and skin is becoming bare one after another. A lace part was being cut off, but it won't be the compared weight. The part cut gradually is in entrapping by which I'm passing away and put on pants finally. The pubic hair an amateur isn't treating shows its nose and showed director's IKEIKE remark off or even cuts important partial cloth off.

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