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KANAKO:Crawling trick

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The one from the beautiful bottom or Mr. NAKO is attacked away from the rear. I succeed in a feeble rotor in MANKO which has finished drying. Feeling that I got wet wetly when a crack was opened. When I call on the nochiden MA, I make a lower back wind and dies many times. A ping-pong ball is being taught to a condom and it's being put in MANKO one by one. Every time it's removed with a sponsor pong, I utter a cry and make a lower back wind. When it's comfortable when the feeble rotor hit against MANKO is hit against an anus, a cry is raised. A feeble rotor is inserted in an anus, and though I make a lower back wind when den MA is assigned to a chestnut and 2 attacks are done, dies.

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