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Yumi:Self-portrait taking insertion onanism of fresh greens

NyotainoShinpi´╝Ü2010/08/20 Return To Index
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Yumi of the infant figure did self-portrait taking insertion onanism of fresh greens. The beginning is onanism an ordinary finger. Even usual onanism seems to be so, but when dying, a chestnut is being fingered a finger, and it becomes comfortable suddenly and they seem to die at the moment. Carrot is taken out from a bag, lickingly, I begin to taste. I begin to dab with the thick one of carrot around the hole in MANKO and feel. It's put in the hole from a thick way slowly. When I enter once, I'm entering to the inside one after another. It's taken in and out while tasting firmness.

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Keywords:An amateur, enthusiast fetishism and onanism.

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