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Salt:JK OMANKO twiddle

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SHIONE who had a delicate body. A face dies oppositely with an innocent expression, and is frightful. First, it's fingered by a man of a mask around by the uniform form. The beginning seems ticklish while being embarrassed or laughing, but, the feeling that a body is permitted for a man. When pretty pants are turned over, beautiful MANKO looks down. When a feeble rotor is hit, the long time is speechless, but tension is rising gradually, and voice begins to leak. When more MANKO begins to be clamminess, a dildo becomes on all fours and is inserted from a back. It doesn't collect and I die away many times while shuddering intensely.

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"It's JK edition of a OMANKO twiddle, a stem of panties and a face aren't liked, so, elimination SSU NE."

Keywords:An amateur, enthusiast fetishism and onanism.

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