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Ball:At a workplace, self-portrait taking onanism

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A camera is handed to married woman clerical worker Mari, "Everywhere in a workplace isn't minded, so, please take self-portrait taking onanism.", please. You were quite enthusiastic and consented. I'll go to the office and try photography on the next day right away. The hot-water service room where the photography place Mari chose is a company. When is person's going in and out of intense? There is fear, but as soon as I enter, onanism will be begun right away. I begin to introduce underwear of basic today and rub a chest first. I don't worry about the turn at all or also become stark-naked daringly. When taking off pants, OMAN KO is in the state of wet getting wet already. A vulgar sound is made with untied CHUKUCHU which stirs the inside including a finger. When man soup is scraped off from a hole in OMAN KO, a chestnut is rubbed and a head is met while grinding into a chestnut and making more sounds with KUCHUKUCHU. The room which is the next when I try to show off and die many times? With an accident to which I say the place which seems to be so becomes noisy, and that I begin to rush and get dressed.

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