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Salt:MANGURI onanism

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SHIONE who is small and says that a body is proud of a soft one. In MAN GURI, KUNNI, I say that I like very much. I begin to trace a finger quietly from the top of pants. It's said that they always do onanism in den MA, and it's benefited in den MA in a warm-up between the thigh. Is the person 1 is taken off, and who is seeing 1 of clothes every time he dies, irritated, please? Are you here? The expression of SHIONE when dying, is intolerable. I also have the face which seems to break into tears soon, and, that an advance is twitched, I made them twitch and you died many times. The second half inserts a vibes in the MANGURI state I like very much. SHIONE who can also die of a chestnut at a man hole. Even MAN GURI died many times.

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"GURUMEREME, [when TA is bad, there seems to be a word I say respectively. The one is "I see.". When I say impressions of this work, it's "I see."."

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