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The light:Self-portrait taking onanism

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I enter a restroom and am taking a picture of the licentious form. I take a picture of my onanism with a camera of holdings. The upper part of body, well, and a hand is being increased between the thigh slowly. I take off the clothes and chafe a thigh up from the top of pants. When pants are taken off, there is enough stain in a crotch. I smell at its smell and breathe in by the mouth. I begin to twiddle ASOKO of a sentimental only a little. Ciro Ciro opens a flyer flyer a finger, and fingers a chestnut by a fingertip. A finger is inserted and collected dirty body fluid is scraped off in the indecent hole. When body fluid is scraped off while making GUCHUGUCHU noise, cloudy ropy body fluid sticks to a finger with BITCHIRI. More cracks are traced by a finger and body fluid is postponed in whole MANKO.

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