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Miyuki:In such toko, ONA, in a certain park, tent tension-

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A tent is laid out selfishly in one corner in some parks and onanism is done in it. I don't know who comes. If it's found by an administrator of course, I wouldn't be silent. Miyuki becomes stark-naked and does onanism in such severe environment. Miyuki who has finished being relieved when there is a watch. But that what is also insignificant a watch by such situation doesn't Miyuki know? Pants are being taken off and a thigh is opened slowly, and, a chestnut, KOSUKOSU. It's stirred including a finger in the hole in GUCHUGUCHU and the man hole. Cormorant○ which is a lower back of a wipe in an anus, KO sticks.

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Keywords:An amateur, enthusiast fetishism, the outdoors exposure and onanism.

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