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RIKO:The woman who stands deadpan

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A box lunch is being eaten in a table, Ruriko. I creep upon there "hand". I'm eating silently deadpan. The "hand" upon which I creep begins to twiddle the core part in RIKO gradually. RIKO who now and then does with PIKU. A box lunch is eaten silently as there was nothing. RIKO is sensitive to "hand" with a rotor, very, I hit. RIKO who serves calm though he makes a face warp. "Hand" takes more vibeses out, and a spot is crowded in an indecent hole in RIKO. The hand which holds chopsticks doesn't collect on the pleasant sensation raised from the bottom, and stops. "Hand" but I begin to eat a box lunch as there was nothing when it was stopped to raise a vibes.

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