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Dark red.:Self-portrait taking onanism

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I sneak into a quiet depot with a camera. So onanism is done secretly. The dark red who seems tight and sits in the ground. A rotor is taken out and declares "Onanism is done with this." Pants are taken off suddenly. "Someone may come." though I say, I begin to open a foot big and finger a crack by a finger. A crack is extended by a finger and a chestnut is irritated with crunch. You can't be satisfied any more with only a finger and a rotor is hit. I dab a chestnut with a hard lump and a rotor. Since the camera I hold in my hand will be complicatedly, and a camera is put, seriousness (so), ONA. And I have a camera again. An opposite hand increases a hand tightly, and gambles away a chestnut at a rotor up intensely.

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Keywords:An amateur, enthusiast fetishism and onanism.

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