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It smells.:Video letter

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Kaoru who was hoping for an appearance personally. My son who has just gone up to a junior high school actually has begun to have an interest in a lady, so it's said that they would like to make a bidet with a part of sex education. But a camera doesn't also have knowledge, so they seem to appear this time and show a made video to my son. I add a reminiscence to my son gently and speak. The bust which is bold when I take off my clothes. I train and do by myself and how to train is told while holding. "Oh, the one which opens. Female Coco wouldn't see." and, I become stark-naked and open the legs wide apart slowly. One becomes comfortable, too, while telling how to touch pudenda. I was telling to show it to my son after an end to be embarrassed of the form that I'm not embarrassed of the nude but am impressed.

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"When, I want you to stop to make an animal appear."

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