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Miyuki:Self-bind den false nettle Nanny

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There is a proclivity variously for a person, Miyuki who likes to be restricted very much and says that sometimes hand and foot are restricted and onanism is done by oneself. A movement sits down on a chair and restricts hand and foot personally, and calls on den MA between the thigh in the state which doesn't come. "Make the onanism free. Since dying, but there is no IKE." onanism is begun by director's directions. I nearly die many times. I implore "Can I die?" many times, a rule is a rule. Since dying by all means, there is no IKE. A head is nearly met many times, but an outlet of den MA is removed suddenly. In being no IKE since dying, "Please don't stop." After that since stopping onanism, there is no IKE until I say that it's good. Though I'll report "I die...." this time, I die many times many times.

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Keywords:An amateur, enthusiast fetishism, a toy and onanism.

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