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Yui:Al dente onanism

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"I'd like to do al dente onanism, too!" and, Yui for whom an appearance was applying. Boiled pasta is tied together by rubber and a condom is covered. The toughness and the thickness good exactly. I'm taking off panties slowly and trace by pasta along a crack. Dirty body fluid begins to be dripped more than an indecent hole. That's applied pasta much and it's inserted. It's inserted to the depth and one in the indecent hole is stirred. A foot is closed and when pasta catches by the vagina pressure so as not to fall, a jacket and a bra are removed. Though the big breasts which became bare are rubbed, done and held, pasta, ZUKOZUKO. As one leg is easy to insert to a kitchen, it's intenser, ZUKOZUKO. I die. It'll be for the opposite and the bottom is stuck out and pasta is inserted in the inside to the inside again. It's becoming more comfortable with ZUKOZUKOGURIGURI.

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