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Apple:The woman you make die

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The woman who restricts two chests of hand and foot, and is medium jikaikyaku. A man of a mask stimulates in den MA. Vibration is introduced from hair and an ear, a scruff, a breast and a hand with den MA are hanging to the bottom gradually. The woman who makes them twist a body, and endures a pleasant sensation desperately when she reaches pudenda. When I stimulate granulation, I nearly die, I die, immediately before, it's stopped. And I don't put time and stimulate granulation again. When she stimulates, the woman who nearly died once will nearly die again immediately. And stopping just before it. The woman who is repeated many times many times, and shows an expression of agonizing. gyou KE can warp a body, and a wave of a pleasant sensation is endured desperately many times. A woman can't stand it, either and I implore to let me die. Then even if I die, you can't separate den MA from thigh time, and how many times do you die away this time? That I die many times-though it's a gyou KE curve, I scream.

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