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They can go.:My, I die, face

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Yukie who seems worried and looks at the ceiling. A man with den MA is approaching there. The beginning pets a chest gently. And I begin to call on den MA suddenly. The pubic hair pinched around a teat by hand with den MA is pulled. I'm Yukie who seems worried from beginning to end what you're doing without understanding, that den MA hits a chestnut, expression complete change. A pleasant sensation is endured desperately. Vibration is transmitted to a chestnut by a pinpoint, and I'm Yukie who endures dying, but that case comes finally. It's "* of which I die.. " with the voice with which a mosquito cries while twisting an expression. But when I nearly die, den MA can be stopped. A head is nearly met many times in the state like being scotched, and it's "* of which I die.. ".

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