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Amateur:The station restroom survey sneak shot on the way Part2

NozokiZamuraiļ¼š2015/03/10 Return To Index
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It's close in a private room in the restroom in the station on the way and is the work taking a picture of women's scene of feces and urine away from a gap under the bathroom in left and right. I hide by a toilet with a picture from the front, and it's slightly difficult to bow to a scene of feces and urine, but the rear angle is wonderful. The perseverance posture is also various and a body is tilted to left and right a little, and I'll have an ankle, and if, various. I think it's the work I'd like to hold by all means as a restroom enthusiast!

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Keywords:I sneak a shot of a mature woman/a married woman, jukutsuma, enthusiast fetishism, a uniform, your elder sister, UN KO and the outdoors exposure.

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