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Amateur:Shoplifting sanction video of a bookstore owner 10.

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[A public opening end and premiere member exclusive use.] I have received a work from the bookseller's abnormal store manager who catches my shoplifting daughter and acts obscenely again. This time is my daughter who seems cute by a small face, but store manager's anger is explosive in the quite rebellious and sassy attitude! I'm desperate clothes of my daughter who also dislikes being fingered seriously will be torn off forcibly, and I make them sit down on a chair first, and MANKO is attacked away, and in order to make them silent somehow. Still the resistance is continued, but a store manager discounts and dares to punish by JI, FERA and a leaving bag, too!

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"I think the treatment which can do such sanction is unusual. Right or wrong this time is plural.., and what wouldn't you have that."

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