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Miss No.2 KYABA, JURI.:KYABAKURAMANEJA where I'm a brute who aims at jou? Anyway with the trick at which not No.1, but No.2 is aimed!

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Good-bye, DESU! KYABAKURAMANEJA which welcomes and sends off Miss KYABA. It seems to be while this jou is still exerting oneself in popular No. about 2, not popular No.1 actually! The manager who aimed there is saying that I'm supporting, is saying that there is something to want to show it to that child of No.2 and is approaching one after another! Only once secretly, please! It'll be No.1, I'll help you and! I'm approaching more steadily! Umm, though I think a little... I have begun to permit SUYO and a body by a secret! That a wig will do a dress a little,*.. No bra! A breast with the moderate size spills from PORON and a dress! The underwear which can be transparent from "MON boyfriend isn't doing with a visitor, either and where isn't here, either... ", cute Jeury and pantyhose passes eros! No.2 and YA! It's a secret of course!

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"You may probably say a skillful technical owner indeed. I want you to tell me such technique." "Such, the child who is pretty, and has fine teamwork and H, can, it's as far as it's enviable. The underwear seen over pantyhose arouses terribly." "Loving of such feeling. One was taking a picture before, too, but I became homesick." "It was regrettable that illumination is dark, but there was a realistic sense again, and that seemed very well." "Teruaki of a camera is making me the excessively vulgar atmosphere. I like this child's face personally. I have the face which looks like a puppy. After fairness is this child. By the teat pink in a white surface, this, also, it's aroused."

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