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The girls' school draft beer which is BOTCHI in a graduation ceremony:Isn't there a friend or...? Even if it was seen, the back girls' school draft beer which has finished a graduation ceremony seemed how deserted lonely, so I celebrated magnificently.

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I walked school vicinity in order to make a pass at my daughter who has just graduated. That one person is dejected in the one he says if during doing and shedding tears noisily by friend passing, he does and is here refreshingly, and it's a graduation ceremony, the girls' school draft beer I'm walking is found. By saying that it's for the first time that the child who seems so lonely was seen..., the, let's celebrate the child who seems lonely together! I speak! "Duck isn't called a party hard on a happy day" and..., and, they seem really lonely, the state with which it's also clouded what a smiling face is also! Don't be so depressed! Men will celebrate! I'll call to a hotel and have a meal! Look! I also have a cake! It would be good! Well, please do you get on it on the man's knee? Diploma giving, I'll do OCHINPO giving of the next!

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"Your face is not completely satisfactory, but an aid kou zero KU zero old man is having the good flavor! !!" "Actress: A circle, a circle of the contents: and image quality:◎ And a girl are JK a look they seem to be everywhere where, so the degree of spotted blur is high. There is also bashfulness pant voice, and, Good." "I thought II in planning way, but if a girl was cute, it was better!" "I like a uniform, but if girl's face is seen, CHINPO has disappeared vigorously it's expected next time.", has not it? "A uniform is too well-matched, and realistic JK sees I wanted to help you with such celebration.", doesn't it?

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