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Taxi driver Shizuka:The female taxi driver who can't keep only payment at all is a secret by all means..., and seems to sell spring by the extra charge Sequel.

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If you liked me... how about such service by the extra charge? A beauty driver profiteering by what thing was there really? The man who asked rumor last time by the reason which says so verifies whether there is such thing actually again! The name of the driver is also identical and this is this person! When it'll be heard about service of the extra charge so... I have begun to deny fact "I have such no memory."! All this visitor didn't make the spotted blur the one which isn't a typewriter or today or... couldn't get that service! Because I keep a secret, I do YA and others, too, please! The visitor who enters negotiations, the woman motorist pressed for quite compulsorily and a reaction...?

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"The woman motorist is good,-I throb. If a taxi takes it this time, please, with SHIYO" "Hardware was fine for the contents, the feeling that an actress isn't refined another was minus." "It's good as the situation it was dark, so I think if possible, light time was good.", isn't it? "You'd like to use such taxi much isn't it anywhere,-", right? "When there can't be such taxi, only a delusion has been full, thinking."

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