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Taxi driver Shizuka:The female taxi driver who can't keep only payment at all is a secret by all means..., and seems to sell spring by the extra charge The first part.

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If you liked me... how about such service by the extra charge? A beauty driver profiteering by what thing was there really? A female driver is an unusual beauty-, when it's being praised, you stop a car, sit down on the next and grope about CHINPO, and what is it your mouth just as it is...? What a uniform and the form that CHINPO is drawn through its hands while wearing gloves are...! Without the worry which is unnecessary because it's an owner-driven taxi, problem pear! Can the dirty also be made the driver more extra and? But that's received service, and there seem to be no noses! To say so is biting*.. and the man a driver just likes away, is it to say! Surprisingly, I'll be a lecherous driver! It continues to the second half!

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"I think it's aunt looking a little, but I'm a cute person. This starts from service of FERA suddenly, and when manners are seeing a taxi unrelatedly, also thinks it isn't changed. When it'll be a zoom lens rise, it's out of the focus and you aim and are taking off and even though won't a camera of this site be somehow." "It's pretty for certain. Eros is here and the situation. It's red snapper in case of such driver." "An expression of a female tiger cub was very good. When a taxi takes it from next time, you're a woman motorist." "It was the sequel which became the contents harder than the first part. The lady is good for a frame, a face is not completely satisfactory." "When I have that actually, it may be pulled a little. But it's good as the situation the lady is fair, too.", isn't it?

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