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BITCHI, hitchhiker Chie.:Regrettable! But it's sent! When it's a little far, but it's sent, YA RA SE, the sequel which was finding a spear man hitchhiker

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It's such figure, wwwwwww and TSUKKOMI, feel like, the gal system hitchhiker of the rumor that I'm hitchhiking by a pose! Mr. junior takes sunglasses this time following last time, and has them do a good thing! The person who took sunglasses as expected is cute, it's BITCHI, but doesn't the acme face also seem good! Rawness seems good and Chie who holds in his mouth tastes a ball and takes the top personally with "early, sou, can,-U which is here and unites" while drawing a tip through the hands, and inserts CHINPO of "very, for botsu, RUU-" and a bottle bottle! Erotic INAA-! Every time it's thrust at intensely, I call repeatedly with "Iku Iku-!"! If a spear man hitchhiker and a* such thing will be done, it's sent, isn't it?

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"More dirtily than last time, I was pleasant. You might take off your sunglasses. It's recommended." "I looked forward to it from the first part and saw a sequel, but I didn't fall short of expectations." "I think there is a taste, but I think it's good in planning way. I also think it isn't quite satisfactory a little like the contents...." "The actress is good, a screen is dark, and it's regrettable that it's difficult to see and that a finish isn't medium stock." "An actress was a beauty and a body was a rod rod and how to feel the time when eros is here and keeps it was very good. FERA was also good."

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