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BITCHI, hitchhiker Chie.:Regrettable! But it's sent! When it's a little far, but it's sent, YA RA SE, the first part where a spear man hitchhiker was being found

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That you hitchhike and send, YA RA SE, BITCHI, if, I get the information I infest in a certain bulletin board in front of some intersections! I went to the site to inspect right away! Then how is it, it's such figure, wwwwwww and TSUKKOMI, feel like, the woman who is the gal ancestry hitchhiking by a pose is found! It's apparent, if I'm absorbed, they must be that child of rumor, I speak! Chie who took den MA out from a back when he was making small talk! I always have it, it's BITCHI as expected with! Rumor is being inspected by saying so, oh,* is* and BITCHI, but a felt face is pretty! It's comfortable, they always seem to make such thing a thing,* and! When saying so, it's intervention of sunglasses..., it continues next time!

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"You don't need GURASAN and the setting top is inevitable, but I don't like in the car." "The one by which even the end is still doing GURASAN is regrettable. I think the face is pretty to some degree." "It isn't bad, I think sunglasses were somehow." "A teat is beautiful for now from vibes insertion, the atmosphere I made sticky to FERA is also Good. Is it only I that a moment was sprouted in reflected socks at the end?", isn't it? "You should be here-oh-such hitchhikers are sunglasses, and doesn't understand a face well, the frame is good,-EROI and the time are also good."

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