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Otsuki sounding:A cute junior works part-time at a convenience store in neighborhood, and such delusion is only done, but how does everyone think? The delusion was taking a picture-ized.

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A cute junior works part-time at a convenience store in neighborhood, and every time a register is let through, a done probable and impossible delusion is done. Such delusion has been taking a picture on the spot-ized in Otsuki HIBIKI of a very popular actress! In the tempting fact that I'll go to drink this time by reunion after a long time, it rises, I make a uniform take off to wish at the register which rushes such thing, and it's a convenience store quickly, and, just as it is, group group sex! The junior who feels away by stock during continuation! The cute junior who also does onanism in the restroom being flooded with reverberation and with being unbearable!... there should be such thing.

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"Shouldn't they have been more than one plays." "Actress:◎ And the contents:◎ And image quality: Feeling such as a circle and the cute young which are nowadays. A spotted blur also does the last hand man onanism." "An audio visual actress, I neither have felt at all by bare voice stock nor acted so at all. The plan is regrettable because it's good." "Exchange of conversation looked like the comedy fairly, and you could laugh. A crack, I come, oh, it's pretty." "A girl is cute and I have fine teamwork and it's best. How to feel a girl, for Good! finish, during, it's taken out, 5 of☆ without complaints"

Keywords:While raw HAME namakan, a ham and a girl student are sleeping around, it's taken out, onanism and FERA.

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