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Your shoplifting elder sister:Because everything is done, please permit...! A brute shoplifting government man is waiting for this word.

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But your elder sister who sees... is slightly somewhat doubtful as shopping has been ordinarily finished at a supermarket seemingly! When he speaks... the moment your elder sister who aims has gone out of the store, a government man is the shoplifter sent as expected. Your elder sister that becomes clear and who hears background and clings with the moment which became*.. to the police "Please permit only that..., please...."! I have said "I'm sorry,* really truly... because everything is done...!" at last. That's right, a brute shoplifting government man was waiting for this word! The brute government man who increases a hand during "The one which hears everything...?" and a skirt! But this elder sister is doing a good body..., knee knee socks are also intolerable..., please see it for now!

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